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Taking Fire

Title: Taking Fire
Rating: R
Author's Note: I hope no one was writing something because I probably just screwed with all your plans. Enjoy!


The Blackgate, everyone knew about it. As prisons went, it wasn’t the worst place to be put, besides the overcrowding and violent gangs. It was a way for the Galactic Army to hold prisoners who really didn’t belong on the more dangerous planetary prisons but couldn’t be let free. As a result, the ship was filled with every kind of criminal you could imagine, from Illegals dealers to murderers, and of course, pirates. It was large ship, built only to sustain orbit and the occasional suicidal pirate gang trying to break a buddy out. No one had ever escaped The Blackgate. Murphy was already working on how to change that.

When they were passed over to Major Lorne, an old itch started between her shoulder blades. While Potts still looked at ease, Murphy’s eyes kept sweeping back and forth, gathering information and studying the surroundings. To survive, even in a minimum security prison, they’d need all the information they could get.

“You’ll be housed in Unit 7 of Black Block,” Lorne said as he and five other guards escorted them down a long, empty metal hallway.

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Their quarantine went much faster than it should've been. The med labs cleared them quickly, relayed results back to the HQ.

Pepper had to smirk when she's told that they're free to enter general popluation. "So you're not afraid that piracy is catching," she asked, doe eyed expression on her face. "I could've told you that. It's dissension that is." She's never really known how to shut up, and as she watches the guard's hand flew through the air to her face, she just closed her eyes.

The sting wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, although she does taste blood in the inside of her cheek from where the skin has broken. She just stood up taller though, smug expression on her face and was ready with a comment when she saw John striding down towards them.
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Fanfiction Request: Eight Nights

Title: Eight Nights
Requested By: soldiers_fury
Prompt: Deviant!Murphy & Pissed-off!Murphy
Rating: R
Author's Note: I combined the two prompts because I really couldn't pick just one. This is another fanfiction request that takes place in Murphy's Dark Space verse, so I slapped it up here. Of course, this one leans more towards Murphy's pirate canon than the other one did, but it takes place way far in the future. And, just a warning, this gets very dark towards the end. Enjoy!


Heavy gunfire did not make any of them calm people. Though they were all more comfortable on a battlefield it didn’t mean they enjoyed the experience or forgot that at any second they could die. Right now, Murphy was very aware of the fact that she could die.

“How did those motherfuckers find us?!” Fury yelled over the mix of bullets and lasers flying overhead.

“Hell if I know,” Murphy muttered, shoving her hands deeper into the aero-bike’s engine. She just had to reach the centrifuge core buried under the engine head and she was butchering the job. It was harder to patiently take apart an engine when you were in a hurry not to die.

“Tony!” she looked towards the engineer who had found cover between two buildings. “Any tools on you?”

“Of course, what do you need?” Tony sounded almost bored with their surroundings, as if being shot at by one of the universes crack teams of bounty hunters wasn’t life threatening at all. Murphy was just grateful it was so late at night that most of the planet’s inhabitants were asleep.

“That combination screwdriver!”

“Head’s up!” Tony tossed the tool in question to her and she risked her hand to catch it.

“You gonna explain to me what you’re doing?” Fury asked in a harsh whisper near her ear as she went back to working inside an engine she couldn’t really see.

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Fanfiction Request: Real Woman

Title: Real Woman
Requested By: wearsthehat
Prompt: Turned On!Murphy
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: So, since this request takes place in Murphy's Dark Space verse, I figured I'd post it here just for fun. This has a lovely cameo from one of inspirations of this verse, Jayne Cobb from Firefly. This verse is heavily inspired by Firefly and Stargate. And it is smut!. Shameless, shameless smut. You've been warned. Fic requested from this meme. Still time to ask for something!


“Holy hell! It’s huge!”

Jayne chuckled smugly, “Impressed, pretty lady?”

“Damn straight I am.” Murphy bit her lip, hesitant for a second. “Can I?”

She gestured vaguely with her hands towards it, almost embarrassed to ask.

“Of course, darlin’. Just be careful with her.”

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Fanfiction: Work Left To Do

Title: Work Left to Do
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Everyone, say hello to a new character. I'll be updating the fic and cast lists when I get back from class!


Murphy’s running. Hot desert air burns her throat, sand scratches at her lungs, but she keeps running. Prisoners are shouting, taunting, cheering her on. She doesn’t pay attention to them. She keeps running. There are guards behind her. She can hear their heavy footsteps as they chase her, determined to run her down. She doesn’t waste her time wondering why they haven’t started shooting. They want her alive. They want to keep everyone in this hell alive as long as possible. There are so many new brain washing techniques to try.

A few feet in front of her a wall of fire springs to life. Ori mind tricks or the real thing, she doesn’t know. Even after weeks of watching and studying the canyon’s defenses she doesn’t know all its ins and outs. And the Ori are masters of illusion. It could just be a trick of her mind. Even the heat she starts to feel as she closes in on it could just be something they’ve done to her head. She keeps running, right through flames that turn out to be real and into a pack of waiting guards.

The shiv is out in a flash and through the throat of the first guard who comes after her. The copper smell of blood tickles her nose, mixing with smell of sweat and desperation. They descend on her like a pack of dogs. She goes down stabbing wildly, kicking and biting. She doesn’t waste her breath screaming. She knows it won’t make a damn bit of difference. When the shiv is knocked from her hands, she starts clawing with broke nails. But it doesn’t take long. She’s dragged to the rich red sandstone, the howls of her fellow prisoners echoing in her ears.


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OOC: Posting Order

Should we have one? Or should we just keep posting when we're inspired? People's opinions on the subject?


Enemies or Allies

Ummm, I actually have NO IDEA when the Rogue and Will thing happened. Or is happening? Maybe it comes after this, I don't know. But I wrote this anyway. :D;;; *fails*

They were silent, stealthy as they entered the bay. No sign of anyone. Anything out of place beyond the open doors.

"What if it's them?" whispered Tony. "What if the GA knew if they were there, our ship had to be close by? It could be--"

"I know it could be a motherfucking trap, Stark, now shut yours before you give us away."

As they slid like shadows through seemingly empty corridors, they heard muffled sounds from further on, behind doors, behind corners. A short, blaring alarm went off, once, then quieted down, footfalls increasing in number but fading away. Fury glared (when didn't he glare?) at Tony.

"Was that the fucking hull breach alarm?"

"It was." He mulled on it a moment. "I think someone's tapped into our systems. Sent a message. I think someone knows we're here."

"Probably the damn sensors."

"Most likely."

"I don't like these odds."

"I don't think we have any odds."

"Stuff it, Stark."

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Title: Raaaaaawwwwk!

Rating: R

"Son of a bitch!" Rogue threw her wrench at the wall, sighing at the dent left behind. She reached into the engine and reattached a few wires, frowning as she used her hand to tighten a bolt. "Bastard. When I get m'hands on him, I'm gonna rewire him, then I'm gonna fuck his ship up so bad, he can't figure out which end is up."

Will walked into the room, clearing his throat to announce his presence, and picked up the wrench from the floor. "I think you broke my dick."

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Don't drop the soap...

The marketplace was still bustling, the two moons gleaming beautifully in the night sky. The two men looked as if they were shopping, but in reality, each was trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

They didn't have to look long.

The streets were buzzing with information, with almost every person murmuring about what had happened. The little tidbits weren't enough for Tony, so finally, putting on his best smile, asked the nearest female for more information.

"Didn't you hear? The GA found two deserters here. They got shipped off by gate I believe. Can you imagine? A GATE opening in Yunni?" The humanoid was so excited, she clapped all four of her hands. "And Obadiah STANE arrived and escorted and them and I even saw a glimpse of his hand and oh wow, what an amazing hand. I heard he can play fifteen different instruments, four at the same time! Nothing exciting EVER happens here."

Obadiah Stane. Of course. To his credit, his smile never wavered and he thanked the female for her information. Fury started walking back towards the ship, and stepping alongside him, Tony, for once, was at a loss of words. "Stane," was all he could think of to say.

The name was enough and the worst part of it all was that Obadiah was so nice, it was impossible to hate him. He read books to blind orphans. He rescued homeless puppies. The clouds literally parted to shine their heaven's light upon him...Tony couldn't stand the man. His teeth were too white, his head too shiny and his smile too perfect.